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About the Group

The friends group, Badger Mill Creek Environmental Corridor (BMCEC) was conceived in 2020 as a result of the impact of the Verona/Madison Metropolitan Sewer District (MMSD) sewer project on the Eastview Heights Nature Sanctuary and the Ice Age Trail. As construction was well underway at the start, the group’s efforts were directed primarily toward influencing the site restoration plan (e.g., revegetation/tree planting). Following construction and replanting, recognition of the need for long term management/maintenance, rebuilding portions of the Ice Age Trail, BMCEC instream habitat improvements made by Dane County and the City of Verona, as well as storm water runoff improvements, provided the impetus to continue to restore, improve and sustain the natural features of the corridor by formally establishing the group through the Dane County Parks (DCP) Volunteer Program.

The group is currently led by a steering committee who have been focused on initial steps of establishing the group including defining our identity, interacting with DCP for guidance and training, and establishing work plans. We have also organized and participated in work events.

Our Mission

To restore, protect and sustain natural resources within the Badger Mill Creek Environmental Corridor by participating in the restoration and conservation of natural plant and animal communities and geologic/hydrologic features; and by promoting environmental stewardship through connecting people with nature and each other.

Our Objectives

  • Working with the DCP naturalist and others to develop complementary/coordinated management plans among land owners.
  • Providing a means to communicate, coordinate and participate in work activities (e.g., webpage, social media page) with other management/advocate groups.
  • Providing hands-on volunteer work parties (e.g., invasive species control).
  • Promoting the value of the BMCEC and soliciting interest in friends group membership and participation in DCP volunteer program volunteer and learning opportunities.
  • Advocating for the prioritization of environmental protection as competing interests for the corridor arise and are managed.